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I accidentally became a Bank of America customer a couple of years ago when they bought MBNA, with which I had a Visa card. I prefer not to do business with megacorps, and especially when it comes to banking, where I have always been very happy with my small local bank. But BoA has been fine as a credit card provider; their website has failed to conspicuously suck; and I have occasionally considered opening a checking account with them for the convenience of always having a no-fee ATM within spitting distance.

So when I signed on to look at my credit card statement the other day and saw they were offering me $75 to open a no-fee, no minimum balance checking account, I decided to go for it. More behind the cut )
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Dear web designers:

People have other things to do than look at your page all day. Just because you think your form can be filled-in in five minutes flat doesn't mean I'm going to. I may take a phone call in the middle of it. Or take a minute to create a new email address to give you. Or bury your page among the other hundred or so tabs I may have open at any given moment. It may take me a half-hour to finally hit the submit button on your five-minute form. It may take me a month. The only thing you achieve by putting timeouts on forms it piss customers off.


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