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Is anyone here connected with Artisan's Asylum? I certainly like the idea, but I expect this sort of thing can be fantastic or terrible, with not a lot of room in between — the difference being pretty much entirely a matter of the people involved.

That said, unless someone I trust warns me off, I've pretty much decided that it's worth spending $25 on the joining fee plus devoting four Friday evenings on "Learning by Building the Asylum" (about 1/3 of the way down the page) to find out just how promising it is. Plus, maybe by participating I can make it a little more promising. Anyone else in with me?
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My latest undertaking to help the remodeling along would go a lot more smoothly if I had a few 6-inch or preferably 8-inch clamps. (By which I mean the dimension between the arrows on the image behind the cut )

(They don't need to be C-clamps; old-school wooden carpenter-s clamps of sufficient depth would actually be best.)

I'll only need them for a couple of days.

Thanks in advance....
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If you're a nerd who grew up wrenching on cars — well, I expect you'll have the same reaction to this that I did:

(Yes, it's for real. Click on the image to go to the Haynes page on the book.)
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I'm housesitting this week while some friends are on vacation. This means, as I hoped it would when I volunteered, that I've been able to go off antihistamines and my breathing has almost returned to normal. Yay!

It also means that instead of my usual current assortment of renovation quandaries, I found myself presented this morning with an old-school old house maintenance problem: The light in the bathroom went out, and when I looked up, I realized I had no idea how to get into the fixture to replace the bulb. Before I dig up a step-ladder and start probing randomly, I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom of LJ: Has anyone seen a fixture like this before, and if so, do you know how to get into it?

Picture behind the cut )

(Alternately, can anyone suggest a good LJ community to ask this sort of question in?)

Edit: Yes, I did notice the discoloration strongly suggestive that the fixture has been in service too long and/or with too bright a bulb. I don't intend to merely replace the bulb without investigating more. But knowing how to get into it before I start would be useful.


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