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Murphy was out in full force on sysadmin project today. So far the results are
  • Old Somerville wiring flakieness: 3
  • Powerline Ethernet: 1
(And that one was a gimme: I deliberately ran my first test within a room — but only later realized I'd accidentally connected both units to extension cords on the same outlet.) I have another approach to troubleshooting it to try tomorrow, but I expect I'm going to end up running about 100 feet of ethernet cable. (I've been trying to avoid that, because the labor involved in doing it right in this house would be immense, and I really didn't want to do a half-assed job. But at this point I just a working wired connection betwen upstairs and downstairs, and it doesn't need to be pretty: It just needs to work.

  • find & apply for at least one job
  • ≥ 1 hr focused reading
  • check on printer progress
  • make network happen between floors at home
    • Don't try to make it pretty.
    • Just make it work.
  • Go to Waltham storage?
  • ≥ 1 hr getting to know my new calculator
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  • email potential math study group members
  • ≥ 2 hrs math homework
  • ≥ 1 hr focused reading
  • ≥ 1 hr writing
  • find & apply for at least one job
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  • Exercise
  • Get my bike out and ready for use
  • Find and apply for at least one job
  • Brain-dump into OmniFocus and start actually using it.
  • > 1 hr Python review
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  • trainer session at gym
  • apply for datacenter job
  • min. 2 hrs on OmniFocus docs;
  • deploy new virtual server
  • cull inbox to < 2250 messages
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Yay! I got everything on this morning's todo list done! The first of what I intend will be many such days!

The temp agency job interview went, I think, quite well. I was comfortable and at ease, and clearly made a good impression on all three interviewers. I told them that the main thing I'm looking for, initially, is something to get me back into the swing of going to an office for regular working hours five days a week, after five years of working out of a home office. And I left feeling like they'll come up with a way to provide me with that in fairly short order.

Not on the list, but should have been, was to exercise. Which I did.

This post is going out about an hour (I think) earlier than the past few days'. The neighborhood birds woke me up at 5:20 this morning. I wasted about 40 minutes trying to fight the inevitable, so only got up at 6:00. Thing is, I like early mornings. And now I'm dog tired. So I'm going to take a shot at getting to bed by 11:00, with the intention of getting up by 5:30. Emacs says sunrise is at 5:15, so hopefully the birds won't burst into song too much earlier.
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  • Job interview, 9:00.
  • Work on consulting project
  • Apply for at least one job
  • Since two emails have yielded nothing, call Eastern bank about being locked out by their stupid online banking system.
  • Pick up the book I reserved at the library
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  • Contacted a temp agency, and I have an interview first thing tomorrow.
  • Turns out there isn't a Weds. Downtown Crossing WIND meeting anymore. Nor any meetings closer than Watertown - the next one of which is on my calendar.
  • Insufficient progress on learning Omnifocus; calling this one a fail.
  • Applied for an IT manager job a recruiter posted on dice.com. Fingers crossed!
  • Made a significant dent in my open browser windows and tabs, but not as extreme as I set out to. Which is probably a good thing: I now have four windows; the tabs in each window are all on the same theme:
    • Active current projects
    • Current shopping projects
    • Job Hunting
    • Personal
    I think this is potentially a really sensible scheme, and I'm going to try to maintain it til I actually decide otherwise. No drifting back into a dozen windows, each with a bunch of arbitrary tabs.
  • Got in a good walk, long and vigorous enough to count toward my exercise goals. And three shorter walks that got me good and winded.

Over all, a good day.
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I really do like sleeping with the window open when the weather is cooperative. It even feeds me tidbits of random intellectual stimulation. Such as wondering what evolutionary advantage do birds gain from singing their little hearts out at dawn?

You owe the earliness of this post to the particular enthusiasm with which they greeted the sun this morning around 5:50.

Oh well. I suppose it's just as well I get an early start:

  • Contact at least one temp agency, and schedule an interview. Held over once; don't let it be twice.
  • Go to WIND meeting. They're good for me, and I should never have let myself get out of the habit.
  • Review OmniFocus documentation, so I can start actually using the damned thing.
  • Review my Dice alerts and craigslist, and apply for at least one job I find there.
  • Make my work environment more workable, by closing at least seven of the nine browser windows I have open, and all but at most twelve of the roughly 200 tabs I have open, taking notes or bookmarking as needed.
  • Exercise!
I also have some more routine things to do today, of the sort I don't need prompting to remember (grocery shopping; pick up my mail at the UPS Store). Plus evening plans I don't really need to detail here. It should be a full day.
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Of the six items in this morning's todo, I failed on one: "Contact at least one temp agency, and schedule an interview." I'd planned to do it in the afternoon. Having my stitches removed turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than I'd expected — and took a hell of a lot more out of me. I'd expected it to be quick and essentially painless, as removing the stitches from my forehead had been. Instead, each stitch seemed to take a fair bit of effort; most were quite sharply painful, and I bled rather more than the few droplets I'd expected. By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty wiped, so I took a nap. Without imagining I'd nap for more than an hour, and therefore without setting an alarm. Nearly four hours later — just past 5:00 — I woke up.

Calling temp agencies will be my first business-hours priority tomorrow.

I'm going to call this not bad for my first day trying to abide by a todo list. But I'm not asking a ridiculous amount of myself, and I really ought to be able to do 100%.

Tomorrow's another day.
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  • Get my stitches out! And find out if I dare finally stop changing dressings every day and just wear clothes without worrying I'll bleed on them.
  • Exercise.
  • Contact at least one temp agency, and schedule an interview.
  • Learn more about Zenoss (for current consulting gig).
  • Reply to linkedin ping from L---.
  • Reply to email from M---
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Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent a lot of it thinking about where my life is and where I want it to be. One consequence of that thinking is that from now on, I intend to post each morning and evening, under the todo tag: in the morning, things I want to get done that day; in the evening, notes on what I did. You're only getting an evening post today, because I didn't settle on this plan til a few hours ago.

Since my fall a couple weeks ago, I stopped my exercise schedule, which had for several weeks been at least seven 15+ minute periods in my aerobic range per week, to be done on at least five different days. Even walking was painful after that fall — it pulled on the scars and made them bleed.

I realized yesterday that, especially in combination with the tendency to sleep too much the healing has entailed, has had a really crappy effect on my mood. So one of my todo items for today was to get started on that again.

I took a 15 min walk at an average pulse of 120, and a 21 min walk at 122. So I think that's a ringing success.

The one thing that was specifically on my calendar today was a genius bar appointment at the Apple Store. That happened; my problem was happily resolved, and I had a nice talk with the guy at the genius bar. Which leads to my next point:

Another thing I decided yesterday was that I need to be trying to apply for at least one job — any remotely reasonable job — every day, instead of waiting for a great job to somehow fall into my lap. So as we were finishing up, I said, "So, switching gears here, do you guys have any openings?"

So I've just finished submitting my application for a genius bar position at the Cambridgeside store. It is a vastly lower-level position than I've held in something like fifteen years. But, damn it would be good to have a regular gig again. And, as a dear friend pointed out to me yesterday, while I'm unlikely to be hired by people who don't know me into as senior a position as I'm used to, I am highly likely to be promoted into such a position by people who've seen my work. So here's hoping.


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