Jan. 28th, 2009 03:28 pm
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When I left this morning, it was snowing lightly--- nice little flakes on top of a couple inches of, if not powder, certainly pleasant enough snow.

Two hours later, I came out after lunch with my sweetie to find it had turned sharp: sleet or frozen rain or whatever you want to call it was mixed in with the snow, such that there was a sharp tapping on my hood and if I turned my face into it, it stung. Still not bad, but no longer pleasant.

Than it started raining.

Two hours later I'm trying to get across a busy street, and find myself stranded: if I go forward I'm going to fill my shoes with ice-water; if I try to go back, I'm liable to be run down by one of the morons Massachusetts hands drivers licenses out to, half of whom are too stupid to turn their lights on or even slow down in conditions where there's so little contrast you can barely discern anything unless you're looking right at it. So I stood there on the edge of the road getting splashed til there was a big enough gap in traffic for me to walk down the middle of the road to a driveway where the water was shallow enough for me to get to the sidewalk.


I love snow. I like serious cold — -5 or -10° C is invigorating. But this slush is seriously nasty.

I suppose I can take some comfort in knowing that I won't have to be out early tomorrow: It's going to freeze tonight, with the temp bottoming out just in time for tomorrow morning's commute. And it's going to be just barely freezing, which is when ice is it's slipperiest. Fun times.
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After I started digging my car out today I realized I just had to have a picture. Turned out I couldn't get far enough from the car to take one, so here's a rather clumsy mosaic of two: )

I gave up on trying to dig it out proper — there was no place to put the snow. So I dug my way to the driver's door, opened it and started the car so it could warm up. Realized in about 10 seconds flat that the exhaust was blocked (cough, cough), so rocked it back and forth a bit (with the door open for air, since the window was frozen closed) to get a couple of inches of air space behind the exhaust pipe. I then dug out in front down to about 6 inches. By which time the pile of snow bounded by my right fender, the dug-out path in the sidewalk, and the driveway was taller than me. At which point I decided the car was dug out enough for me. I got in the car and started trying to get out — rocking it back and forth while a neighbor digging out his car across the street and maybe 20 feet down the street looked at me like I was a lunatic. Got out, pulled down the street about 30 feet, turned on my four-ways, and went back to finish digging out the space enough that I'd be able to get back in and out of it more easily. As I walk past, neighbor looks at me in disbelief: "Is that a four-wheel drive?"

I, gesturing broadly: "Yeah. This is why I bought a Subaru."

I finished digging out the space. (Well, dug further down toward the pavement. I didn't try to move the piles of snow behind and in front of the driver's door — indeed, I added to them, since they were now convenient places to put snow.) Digging turned out to be easier without the car in the way. I kept expecting to be interrupted by someone wanting to drive down the street, but ten minutes later that hadn't happened and I was as dug out as I needed to be. Drove the car around the block (an eight block drive in the maze of one-ways that is Cambridgeport), stopping in the MicroCenter/Trader Joe's parking lot to clean the snow off my car — sweeping it off on my street would have been counterproductive at best. Then I came back and backed into my Subaru-shaped space. Had lunch, went to the office (where at 3:30 in the afternoon I found two other employees), did some errands, packed up some more of my stuff at the old place, and came back to find someone else in my spot. So I took another, not as well dug out as mine. But I'm home, snug for the night. And they're not predicting any more accumulation tonight, so I should be able to get to work more easily tomorrow.

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Having decided yesterday I'd rather be snowed in at the Zocalo if I was going to be snowed in, that's exactly what I did.

Well, that and unpack and organize and re-arrange furniture and hang out with housemates and just generally have a relaxing day. Well, except for the part where I was awakened at 6:00 a.m. by my phone getting email that our machine room was overheating. (I slept through the first alarm at 5:00.) I shutdown some non-essential machines, decided that as long as it stayed below about 40C it wasn't worth anybody going in to the office in a raging blizzard, and went back to sleep. Early in the afternoon Robby, who lives much closer to work, decided it would be a scenic walk to go to the office — for which I am most grateful. So he went in and reset the A/C (which is the usual cause of these events.) One consequence of all this is that we have a classic graph of what happens in a computer room with closed but not airtight doors when the A/C goes down for a few hours, and is then restored. I find the shape interesting:


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