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I was just looking for an LJ entry about something I did years ago. I happen to have looked at my "profile?mode=full" recently (and boy does it need updating), so I knew I had fewer than 500 total entries. So I typed "http://yakshaver.livejournal.com/?skip=500" into the location bar. And the earliest entry on that page was from roughly two years after I started using LJ. WTF? With a little experimentation I determined that that is in fact the page I get for skip=n for any value of n >= 380. So I can only look at my most recent 399 LJ entries that way. Apparently the only way for me to see older entries in my own journal is with the brain-damaged yyyy/mm/dd/ URL form.

Does this strike anyone else as arbitrary, pointless, and stupid?
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I know at least two people on my friends list normally read my LJ via RSS. You should know that I'm going to be making far fewer unlocked posts in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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Damn I wish LJ had ACLs. And a CLI for controlling them.
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LJ technical question: I just for the first time made a (locked) post with comments screened. And was annoyed to discover that replying to a comment unscreens it. I was thinking I'd just send replies using LJ's send-a-message interface, but that's clunky and loses context. So now I'm thinking
  • go to the edit entry interface
  • resave the entry as private (i.e. viewable only to me)
  • reply to all the comments
  • re-screen all the comments, and my replies
  • go to the edit interface again, and
  • save it as friends-locked to that same filter again
What a fucking kludge! Also, given how stupid LJ's interface appears to be with regard to this, I find myself wondering —
  • if I re-save a post as private, will LJ retroactively delete the existing comments?
  • Is LJ really this brain-damaged around screened comments, or am I missing something?
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A discussion on a friend's journal just convinced me that I want to entirely disable anonymous comments in my journal*. And I cannot find any way to set such an option. Am I just missing it, or does it really not exist?
* My friend posted to congratulate one of her friends on an accomplishment; an anonymous troll hijacked the discussion by attacking her friend's achievement. It's hardly the first time I've seen that kind of thing in LJ, and the vast majority of anonymous posting I see here is either that or someone forgetting to log in. I would just as lief have neither in my LJ.
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By the time you read this, I will have become LJ user "yakshaver". (For those who don't know the term, the jargon file definition is reasonable, though flavorless. The GSB announcement in which the term first escaped the AI lab provides much more flavor.[1 Why I chose this to be my new LJ username is left as an exercise for the reader.

I would like to assume that changing one's username on LJ is seamless and I won't fall off of anyone's friendlist, nor vice versa. But I've made my living from computers for over 18 years now: Murphy's law is my guide.

1  GSB (Girl Scout Benefit) is, or at least used to be, a regular weekly gathering at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Some people claim that GSB really stands for "Grad Student Beer"; I have no idea how such scurrilous rumor could have gotten started.


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